• Affordable Steel Chemistry Lab Furniture Design Installation With Modern Design
  • Affordable Steel Chemistry Lab Furniture Design Installation With Modern Design
  • Affordable Steel Chemistry Lab Furniture Design Installation With Modern Design
  • Affordable Steel Chemistry Lab Furniture Design Installation With Modern Design
Affordable Steel Chemistry Lab Furniture Design Installation With Modern Design

Affordable Steel Chemistry Lab Furniture Design Installation With Modern Design

Product Details:

Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: SUCLAB
Certification: ISO9001,14001,CE
Model Number: HZJT005

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 2 SETS
Price: Negociation
Packaging Details: Export Plywood Package
Delivery Time: 15 days
Payment Terms: EXW,T/T, D/A, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 10000 Sets/ Month
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Detail Information

Surface Treatment: Powder Coating, Polishing, Sand Blasting Color: Customizable
Function: Storage, Safety Design: Modern, Classic
Size: Customizable Material: Steel, Wood, PP, Stainless Steel
OEM/ODM: Acceptable Steel Tpe: 304 Stainless Steel/steel
Usefull: Physics,Chemisty,Biology Laboratory Hinge: DTC Hinge
Field: Laboratory, School, Chemical Factory Ect Shape: Rectangular
Reagent Rack: 2 Layers Colour: White
Storage Options: Cabinets Assembly: Easy
Work Surface: Chemical Resistant Chemical Resist: Acid & Alkali
High Light:

Modern Design Chemistry Lab Furniture


Installation Chemistry Lab Furniture


Steel Chemistry Lab Furniture

Product Description

Affordable Steel Chemistry Lab Furniture Design Installation with Modern Design




The quest for the perfect Chemistry Lab Furniture Design is a blend of seeking functionality, safety, and aesthetics. Our product range is meticulously crafted to meet these needs, ensuring that each piece of furniture is not just a fixture but a vital aspect of the scientific workspace. This product summary delves into the features and specifications that make our chemistry lab furniture the ideal choice for modern laboratories.

Understanding the paramount importance of functionality in a laboratory setting, our furniture is designed to cater to various storage needs. With a variety of cabinets, shelves, and drawers, our furniture ensures that all lab equipment and chemicals are stored safely and systematically. The thoughtful chemistry lab furniture design incorporates features such as chemical-resistant surfaces and ventilated cabinets, which are essential for storing volatile substances and sensitive equipment. This careful consideration towards storage ensures that researchers can maintain an organized and efficient workflow.

Safety is another cornerstone of our product design. The use of robust materials such as steel, wood, polypropylene (PP), and stainless steel guarantees that the furniture can withstand the harsh conditions of a laboratory environment, including exposure to chemicals and heat. The durability of these materials ensures that the furniture remains a safe and stable platform for conducting experiments. Furthermore, all edges and corners are smoothly finished to minimize the risk of accidents, while the inclusion of lockable compartments ensures that hazardous materials are kept secure from unauthorized access.

Our chemistry lab furniture is not only reliable but also features an easy and fast installation process. The furniture is designed to be intuitive, allowing for quick assembly without sacrificing stability. This feature is particularly beneficial for institutions that need to set up their labs in a limited timeframe. The design also accommodates the possibility of future expansion or reconfiguration, offering versatility to laboratories as they evolve and adapt to new research needs.

One of the most significant advantages of our chemistry lab furniture offer is the customization option. We understand that every laboratory has unique requirements based on its size and the nature of the research conducted. Hence, we provide customizable sizes to ensure that the furniture fits seamlessly into the available space, maximizing the lab's efficiency and workflow. Whether you require compact modules for a small space or extensive workstations for a large facility, our team is equipped to tailor the furniture to your specific needs.

The packaging of our chemistry lab furniture is designed with international standards in mind. We use export plywood packages to ensure that every item is protected during transit. This robust packaging safeguards the furniture from the potential rigors of shipping, ensuring that it arrives at its destination in pristine condition. The use of such high-quality packaging materials reflects our commitment to delivering our products safely and securely, regardless of the distance they need to travel.

Finally, our chemistry lab furniture is a reflection of the latest trends in laboratory design. The sleek lines and modern aesthetics enhance the overall environment, creating a workspace that is as visually appealing as it is functional. With our comprehensive chemistry lab furniture design, we offer a product that marries the essential elements of a functional laboratory with the elegance of modern furniture design.

In conclusion, our chemistry lab furniture stands out for its exceptional storage solutions, paramount safety features, easy and fast installation, and customizable sizes. All these attributes are enveloped in a stylish design that meets the highest standards and is packaged securely for export. Whether you are setting up a new laboratory or upgrading an existing one, our chemistry lab furniture offer stands ready to exceed your expectations, encapsulating the essence of a state-of-the-art scientific research environment.



  • Product Name: Chemistry Lab Furniture Design
  • OEM/ODM: Acceptable
  • Material: Steel, Wood, PP, Stainless Steel
  • Color: Customizable
  • Warranty: 1-5 Years
  • Function: Storage, Safety
  • Manufactured by leading chemistry laboratory furniture manufacturers
  • Available in various designs tailored to the chemistry lab furniture Thailand market
  • Custom chemistry lab furniture design to fit specific laboratory needs

Technical Parameters:

Attribute Detail
Design Modern, Classic
Structure Integrated, Modular
Size Customizable
Function Storage, Safety
Packaging Export Plywood Package
Warranty 1-5 Years
Surface Treatment Powder Coating, Polishing, Sand Blasting
Material Steel, Wood, PP, Stainless Steel
Installation Easy, Fast
OEM/ODM Acceptable







Affordable Steel Chemistry Lab Furniture Design Installation With Modern Design 0

Affordable Steel Chemistry Lab Furniture Design Installation With Modern Design 1





As a leading Chemistry Lab Furniture Design, SUCLAB introduces the HZJT005 model, a testament to quality and functionality. Crafted with precision and care in CHINA, this furniture is designed to meet the multifaceted needs of modern chemistry labs. With customizable sizes available, SUCLAB's furniture can be tailored to fit the unique dimensions and requirements of any laboratory space, ensuring that no inch is wasted and every need is accommodated.

The surface treatment options for the SUCLAB HZJT005 model include Powder Coating, Polishing, and Sand Blasting - each providing durability and resistance to chemicals, heat, and abrasion. This attention to detail ensures that the furniture not only maintains a professional appearance but also contributes to a safe and long-lasting work environment. The robust construction and design choices make it ideal for both educational and professional settings, where safety and longevity are paramount.

The function of the SUCLAB HZJT005 goes beyond mere aesthetics, with storage solutions that are as practical as they are secure. The thoughtful design prioritizes safety, helping to protect both the users and the sensitive materials they work with. This aligns seamlessly with the classic yet modern design that SUCLAB offers, blending in with various lab decors while providing an up-to-date ambiance conducive to scientific investigation.

Installation of SUCLAB's HZJT005 model is both easy and fast, allowing labs to minimize downtime and swiftly resume their important work. This user-friendly assembly is just one of the many ways that SUCLAB addresses the needs of its clients, demonstrating an understanding that in the world of research and education, time is of the essence.

In terms of chemistry lab furniture cost, investing in SUCLAB's HZJT005 model is a decision that balances affordability with exceptional quality. Laboratories in Thailand and beyond - referred to as lab furniture Thailand - can access this top-tier furniture, ensuring that they are equipped with the best tools to foster scientific advancement.

Whether it's for a high school chemistry class, a university research department, or an industrial chemical analysis lab, the SUCLAB HZJT005 model is the embodiment of functional, high-quality lab furniture that adapts to your space and your budget, making it an indispensable component of any chemistry laboratory.



Brand Name: SUCLAB

Model Number: HZJT005

Place of Origin: CHINA

Material: Steel, Wood, PP, Stainless Steel

OEM/ODM: Acceptable

Design: Modern, Classic

Function: Storage, Safety

Installation: Easy, Fast

Seeking a fusion of functionality and durability at an affordable chemistry lab furniture cost ? Look no further! SUCLAB provides top-notch chemistry laboratory furniture supply to meet all your needs. Our HZJT005 model, originating from CHINA, is the epitome of modern and classic design, built with high-quality materials like Steel, Wood, PP, and Stainless Steel to ensure your laboratory's storage and safety requirements are met. For laboratory furniture in Malaysia and beyond, SUCLAB offers OEM/ODM services to cater to your specific needs. Plus, our furniture guarantees easy and fast installation. Choose SUCLAB for a cost-effective and efficient laboratory setup.


Support and Services:

Our Chemistry Lab Furniture Design is designed to provide a safe, durable, and efficient workspace for all your laboratory needs. With an emphasis on quality and functionality, our furniture is constructed from robust materials that are resistant to chemicals and designed for heavy use in professional environments. Our product technical support and services include:

Installation Guidance: We provide detailed instructions and support for the proper installation of your laboratory furniture to ensure safety and compliance with all relevant standards and regulations.

User Manuals & Documentation: Each piece of furniture comes with a comprehensive user manual that includes care instructions, safety guidelines, and specifications to help you make the most of your lab space.

Maintenance Support: To maintain the longevity of your lab furniture, we offer maintenance tips and recommendations. Proper care will help preserve the integrity and appearance of your furniture over time.

Product Customization: Understanding that each laboratory has unique needs, we offer customization services to tailor our furniture to your specific requirements.

Warranty Services: Our Chemistry Lab Furniture comes with a limited warranty that covers defects in materials and workmanship, giving you peace of mind and protection for your investment.

Technical Assistance: Should you encounter any issues or have technical questions, our team of experts is available to provide assistance and resolve any concerns regarding your lab furniture.

Replacement Parts: In the event that a component of your lab furniture needs to be replaced, we can supply the necessary parts to ensure your workspace remains functional and safe.

We are committed to providing exceptional support and services to ensure that your Chemistry Lab Furniture meets and exceeds your expectations for performance and reliability.



Q1: What materials are used in the construction of SUCLAB Chemistry Lab Furniture, model HZJT005?

A1: The SUCLAB HZJT005 Chemistry Lab Furniture is constructed with high-quality, durable materials designed for laboratory use. This includes chemical-resistant surfaces, metal frameworks, and specialized coatings to ensure longevity and safety in a lab environment.

Q2: Is the SUCLAB model HZJT005 suitable for all types of laboratory environments?

A2: Yes, the SUCLAB model HZJT005 is versatile and designed to be suitable for a wide range of laboratory environments, including educational, research, clinical, and industrial laboratories. However, it's important to assess the specific needs of your lab to ensure this model meets all your requirements.

Q3: Can the SUCLAB HZJT005 Chemistry Lab Furniture be customized to fit specific lab dimensions and requirements?

A3: SUCLAB offers customization options for the HZJT005 model to fit specific lab dimensions and functional requirements. It is recommended to contact SUCLAB directly to discuss customization possibilities and services.

Q4: How do I maintain and clean the SUCLAB model HZJT005 to ensure it remains in good condition?

A4: To maintain the SUCLAB HZJT005, regularly clean the surfaces with a soft cloth and a mild laboratory-safe cleaning solution. Avoid using abrasive materials or harsh chemicals that could damage the furniture. Additionally, follow any maintenance guidelines provided by SUCLAB to ensure the longevity of the product.

Q5: Is the SUCLAB HZJT005 Chemistry Lab Furniture easy to assemble and install?

A5: The SUCLAB HZJT005 is designed for user-friendly assembly and installation. It comes with all necessary components and detailed instructions. However, for complex laboratory setups, it is advisable to have the furniture installed by professionals to ensure proper assembly and safety.



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