August 25, 2023

Latest company news about PP FUME HOOD USAGE

Effective absorption of noxious fumes, toxic and volatile gas pipeline laboratory fume hood-free, there are many considerations in the use.

1. The hood acrylic transparent plate should be kept clean, do not post items such as paper, preventing eye was not clear.

2. When there is no operation, fume hoods cannot be placed chemical reagents. Must be stored in a medicine cabinet in the reagent.

3. Be sure to follow the cleaning air chemical fume hood top right tagging operation, do not use chemical not listed.

4. As long as they are experiment of toxic chemicals, must be carried out in a fume cupboard. I have minutes to wear simple protective equipment such as safety goggles and protective gloves. Experimental counter tops and instrument operation is completed in time to clean up.

5. Regularly check that the filter is saturated, promptly contact manufacturer for filter replacement, otherwise once the filter is saturated and not replaced in time, they would lose their protective role.

6. Not in ventilated cabinets piled debris, so as to avoid uneven air flow do not meet adequate face velocity, resulting in decreased absorption efficiency.

7. Fume hoods, do not use mobile fume cupboards, never pokes her head into the hood for experiments. Person distance from the hood of at least 15cm.

8. When the experiment was over, to run for five minutes above the fume hood should be maintained to ensure that residues of toxic gas in the Cabinet filter all the absorption.

9.Spacious and comfortable space around fume hood, due to heavy filtering will cause uneven air flow. Other instruments and equipment should be kept away from hood 15cm.


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