Huazhijun chemistry lab furbniture

September 25, 2023

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Huazhijun chemistry lab furniture :


          biological, pharmaceutical, coating laboratories and clean rooms, thorough cleaning and disinfection is the first function to be considered, which requires that laboratory furniture has the characteristics of easy cleaning, disinfection and can be kept clean for a long time. Ordinary steel and wooden furniture is difficult to meet this cleanliness requirements. With the continuous development of the industry, the laboratory furniture industry continues to enter the market how to choose is very important, for example:


Test platform: plate central platform, steel and wood unilateral test platform, all-steel central platform, bucket platform, balance platform;


Test bench panel: corrosion-resistant physical and chemical plate table,


Fume hood series: panel through fume hood, steel and wood fume hood, new all-steel fume hood, floor type all-steel fume hood;


Cabinet series; Reagent cabinet, utensil cabinet, gas bottle cabinet, safety cabinet, locker, shoe cabinet;


Reagent rack: plate reagent rack, steel glass central reagent rack, waterproof socket, experimental stool;


Laboratory professional water bucket series: eye washer, emergency shower, laboratory faucet, laboratory special cock series;


Laboratory ventilation system: atomic suction hood, universal suction hood;


Office partition series: desk, office chair, office partition


The perfect combination of stainless steel countertop and steel cabinet with 25MM substrate board, while taking into account the laboratory requirements for cleanliness and load-bearing.


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