Best Quotation Chemistry Lab Bench Lab Workbench Manufacturers Hong Kong

May 5, 2024

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Best Quotation Chemistry Lab Bench Lab Workbench Manufacturers Hong Kong


All steel Lab Workbench Manufacturers Hong Kong can be made of domestic solid core board, paste panel (epoxy resin board, phenolic resin board, granite, stainless steel table, ceramic, etc., available); The color is black, gray white for customers to choose.


All steel cabinets of the all-steel test bench are made of 1.2mm thick high-quality cold-rolled steel plates as the substrate mechanism, which are acid-washed and phosphating and sprayed with epoxy resin electrostatic powder on the surface. Overall stable and reasonable, acid and alkali corrosion resistance is excellent. Frame: The supporting beam is a 60*40mm cold-rolled rectangular steel pipe, and the supporting column is a cold-rolled channel steel welded on both sides of the steel pipe of the same specification. The surface is electroplated with colored zinc for anti-rust pretreatment, and then pickling, phosphating and electrostatic powder spraying epoxy resin protective layer for acid-alkali and corrosion-resistant surface treatment after carbon dioxide cold welding combination. The adhesion of the protective layer has passed the falling object impact test. Static bearing capacity > 250 kg, support column can be directly hung in the cabinet, without damaging the wall body.
Reagent rack, lamination: 1.2mm thick high-quality cold-rolled steel plate is the substrate mechanism molding, the lamination is 10mm thick frosted glass, double-layer structure, with different height holes, can be freely adjusted according to actual needs.
Socket: Use laboratory safety products. Dustproof, splash proof, water proof, acid and alkali proof properties. The material is PC fire retardant.

Lab Workbench Manufacturers Hong Kong Slide rail: The introduction of German technology, three heavy ball rails, strong load bearing, good sliding performance, no noise.
Hinge: Imported British technology, 175° high quality chrome-plated steel hinge.
Handle: One font dark handle, aluminum alloy /PVC.
Water tank: Laboratory special quality PP water tank, good acid and alkali resistance.
Water nozzle: laboratory water nozzle, copper porcelain spool, the whole surface is sprayed by epoxy resin electrostatic powder. Three test faucets: Laboratory special three test faucets, copper, surface EPOXY spray treatment, acid and rust resistant.
Adjustable combination footing: It has the characteristics of non-slip, shock absorption, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance and strong load-bearing force.

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